2018 Sale Report

by Mark Scown, Stock Journal

Buyers secure meat, wool and fertility genetics

The 2018 Lampata Poll Merino ram sale at Lameroo, saw rams sell to a top of $3100 and achieve a near total clearance for their unique type Poll Merino rams, with selection based on performance for total sheep productivity.

Buyers consistently return for these Lampata rams, with genetics that are very strong in the main profit-making traits of Meat, Wool and Fertility, that the Pocock family have specifically selected for many decades.

The top priced ram was lot 29, Lampata 17172Tw and sold to return buyer, Ben Hunt, Nalang Farms based at Mundulla, who attended the sale with his TDC agent, Murray Jones. This sale topping ram demonstrated doing-ability, boasted by its equal highest Cfat percentage of 121.2, while it was also strong in muscling traits, including an EMD% near the top at 111.1. Nalang Farms bought four rams at an average of $1925, with all their purchases ranking at the top end for eye muscle and fat.

Ben Hunt places selection emphasis on fast growing ewes and lambs that grow rapidly and have good carcase yield.

“Lampata sheep are very honest and with full access to all figures, plus their raw data, it enables me to select for the breeding objectives of easy care sheep with good growth rates, fat cover, carcase yield and high fertility,” he said.

Another long term Lampata client who bid strongly was the Knight Family Trust from Buccleuch. Doing the bidding, Milton and Andrew Knight bought seven rams, twice paying a top of $1700 and averaging $1228; then adding another from the mini auction that followed.

They said, “We select for big, plain bodied rams. The Lampata sheep are very easy care and they do well in our environment.”

The Knight family run 1800 Merino ewes which are lambed down in March and April, plus grow wheat and barley cereal crops in what should be 350mm rainfall country

Despite the toughness of the season in their area this year, Ray & David Elleway from Cleve again purchased strongly throughout the catalogue, securing six rams to a top of $2100 and averaging $1616.

Other major volume buyers were Paul Wallis from Serviceton who purchased five rams to a top of $1600 twice, to average $1220; and Jax Joynt, Meribah with five rams to a top of $1300 to average $889, then adding another three from the mini auction.

Lampata principal Bruce Pocock was pleased to see the return of many regular and loyal Lampata clients, plus some new buyers.

“It is a tough season, and we appreciate that some buyers north of here were unable to operate this year.

“However, we are very confident in the future of the sheep industry, to the point that we have recently purchased some ewes from one of our retiring and top clients to increase our commercial numbers,” Bruce Pocock said.

Elders auctioneer Steve Doecke commended the Pocock Family on their presentation of the catalogued sale rams, with full figures being available. He made special mention about the eye muscle and positive fat figures throughout the catalogue and the effect these traits have on twinning and fertility selection.

Overall, considering of the season in many areas, it was a good solid sale with strong local area support, supplemented by purchasers from as far as Rand in NSW, Serviceton in Victoria, plus Eyre Peninsula and the Upper and Lower South-east regions of South Australia. 

Buyers were able to find quality rams to match their varying budgets throughout the sale.

Sale Summary: Main Auction – 56 rams sold to $3100 and averaged $1369

Selling agent: Elders Lameroo – Auctioneer: Steve Doecke

Pictured with the $3100 top priced ram at the Lampata sale are purchaser, Ben Hunt, Mundulla, Robert Pocock holding the ram, Elders Lameroo’s Jarryd Finch, Bruce Pocock and Elders auctioneer Steve Doecke.

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