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8 August 2021

Compass barley sown late May is looking happy in the sunshine. 

18 May 2021

This season we are trying a first for us and lambing some ewes in the feedlot. We have trialed two lots of 50 twin bearing ewes a pen and are currently happy with the results. We are watching this carefully as we have heard of many stories of it being hard but so far so good. Keep watching this space to see the results.

11 February 2021

We have had a few big days here this week with micron testing our ewe and ram lambs, and pregnancy testing our ewes with our sheep classer Paul Cousins. Where Thomas took up his junior apprenticeship with preg scanning.
We also took delivery of our new tepari sheep hander to replace our much loved older unit that has served us extremely well. The new machine has everything we could want 6way drafting, side tilt, EID reader and Trutest monitor, as well as a impressive inbuilt trailer.

11 June 2020

Another very cold start to day two of lamb marking. We are very fortunate to be getting a great lambing with the great start we have had this season. With a bit more luck we should have a great drop of lambs to select from for 2021 ram and ewe sales.

4 May 2020

Our new mate “Smithy” came to be a member of the farm house last Sunday during the cold weather. About three attempts to get him back to mum but he was too happy going off by himself. Thomas and Hugo are very excited about their pet lamb and we are sure it won’t be long before Smithy will be pushing them over for his bottle.

11 October 2019

It’s that day. The big moment 1 1/2yrs in the making and the story these ewes can tell already. From dust storms to being soaking wet, racing to feed carts, to sleeping in green pastures. This truely shows the true grit of mallee sheep and farmers. We wish everyone the best of luck today at the Lameroo offshears sale and congratulate all farmers for getting their sheep there is such a challenging season.

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