Lampata Poll Merinos specialise in breeding large framed, high performing maternal merinos

Lampata’s top-priced ram Lot 35 sold for $4100, with stud principal Robert Pocock, Jarryd Finch, of Elders Lameroo, top buy Adam Flavel of Jax Joynt and Bruce Pocock of Lampata Poll Merino Stud.

2021 Sale Results

Repeat buyer Jax Joynt, of Meribah near Loxton, has purchased Lampata’s top selling ram, for $4100, at its annual sale on Tuesday.

Held among a good crowd, Lampata Poll Merino Stud’s – based at Lameroo in the state’s South East –  annual auction brought out a number of buyers including many repeat customers.

With a total of 55 rams sold from 76 offered, Lampata Poll Merino Stud sale averaged at $1370/head.  The first 25 rams averaged a great $2100.

Double top priced rams Lot 13 and lot 20: Thomas and Robert Pocock, Lampata Poll Merinos, Boyd Packer, Mundulla, Nalang Farms, Steve Doecke, Elders Keith, Jarryd Finch, Elders Lameroo, Bruce Pocock, Lampata Poll Merinos, Ray and David Elleway, Kielpa.

2020 Sale Results

Despite border restrictions impacting interstate clients from attending Lampata Poll Merinos annual on property ram sale, the Pocock family from Lameroo offered 20 more rams in their auction this year with positive results and happy clients.

65 of the 80 rams offered found homes, with the sale peaking at $3200 twice and averaging $1282. The Pocock’s line up of rams were significantly ‘more forward this year’ with ‘whiter and freer growing wool’ according to Elders Auctioneer, Steve Doecke.

Lampata's Thomas, Courtney and Robert Pocock, Elders auctioneer Steve Doecke, Gaylia Pocock, holding grandson Hugo, Bruce Pocock, Elders Lameroo's Jaryd Finch and buyer Ben Hunt, Nalang Farms, Bordertown.

2019 Sale Results

Despite seasonal challenges affecting several of their clients, Bruce, Gaye, Robert and Courtney Pocock managed to lift the top and average prices at their 33rd Lampata Poll Merino ram sale at Lameroo on Tuesday.

Fifty of the 59 rams offered found homes, with the sale peaking at $3500 – $400 more than last year – and averaging $1418, a $49 jump.

The only downside was six less rams cleared due to some longer-term clients unable to operate this year.

The Pococks also faced challenging conditions in the first half of the year, and had been containment feeding all Lampata stock – including the sale rams until just four weeks ago.

Pictured with the $3100 top priced ram at the Lampata sale are purchaser, Ben Hunt, Mundulla, Robert Pocock holding the ram, Elders Lameroo’s Jarryd Finch, Bruce Pocock and Elders auctioneer Steve Doecke.

2018 Sale Results

The 2018 Lampata Poll Merino ram sale at Lameroo, saw rams sell to a top of $3100 and achieve a near total clearance for their unique type Poll Merino rams, with selection based on performance for total sheep productivity.

Buyers consistently return for these Lampata rams, with genetics that are very strong in the main profit-making traits of Meat, Wool and Fertility, that the Pocock family have specifically selected for many decades.

The top priced ram was lot 29, Lampata 17172Tw and sold to return buyer, Ben Hunt, Nalang Farms based at Mundulla, who attended the sale with his TDC agent, Murray Jones. This sale topping ram demonstrated doing-ability, boasted by its equal highest Cfat percentage of 121.2, while it was also strong in muscling traits, including an EMD% near the top at 111.1. Nalang Farms bought four rams at an average of $1925, with all their purchases ranking at the top end for eye muscle and fat.

STANDOUT SIRE: Elders auctioneer Steve Doecke (kneeling), Elders Lameroo manager Pat Larsson, Kerry Walker, Robert and Bruce Pocock, Lampata, and Lyn and Trent Walker with the $4300 ram bought by the Walkers.

2017 Sale Results

Average and top price records tumbled at Lampata Poll Merino stud’s on-property sale for the second consecutive year, with Bruce, Gaye, Robert and Courtney Pocock achieving a full clearance of 60 paddock-run rams at Lameroo on Tuesday last week.

Strong competition from the 23 registered bidders pushed the top price to $4300 – a $300 increase on last year – while the sale average rose by a similar amount to $1551.

The Walker family, Keringa, Lameroo, paid the top price for L16080Tw – a well-balanced, 20.9 micron ram with above-average figures across the board, including +17 for clean fleece weight and +14 for body weight, culminating in a Lampata index of 106.3.


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